Reinventing the wheel

Born from a love of engineering for engineering's sake, QuantumMech's mission is to deliver the next generation of innovation of road cycling wheels. Reinventing the wheel by focusing on the most fundamental level of function and material, operation and execution.

  When you obsess over every tiny, incremental improvement, they merge into leaps of performance you can feel as soon as you roll out on your bike.

   After years of development and countless iteration of tuning and improving by our team in Singapore, Australia, and Taiwan, we have released the FusionGlide series to the public. We want to share the feeling of gliding over the road and resistance-free cycling.

These wheels will make you feel like you've had your brakes on your whole life. We get told every day it's a feeling that's iconic and exciting. Join in. Take flight. Feel the difference

Watch the magnetic spin

How to get yours

We believe in local bike shops. We believe they are the centre of cycling communities around the world. We believe the best experience you can have with any piece of cycling equipment is cemented by these relationships, and we will do everything to support that.

Get your new QuantumMech wheels by connecting us with your local shop.

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