Fusion Glide 65

RRP $3,350aud

The agile, light, aero wheel for those who want to fuse the worlds best wheel tech and glide for days.


QuantumMech low friction magnetic driver body

Titanium Axle

Laminar flow rim surface for aero and crosswind performance

Traction tuned holistic wheel design

Check the Tech
RIM CONSTRUCTIONT800 + T1000 Carbon layup with a 37.5% proprietary resin
HUBQM Glide Titanium. Triple bearing driver
TYRE COMPATIBILITYTube and Tubeless. Hooked
BRAKE TYPEDisc (Centrelock)
DRIVER BODYAlu or Titanium Shimano. ALUSRAM XDR
RIM FINISHMatt Grey, 0.3m Turbo'graphics
RIM PROFILEFusion Aero Symmetrical
SPOKESSapim Aero CX-Ray


Thom Perry

I immediately noticed how freely and smoothly they roll. The thing that surprised me is how light and nimble they are! You just don't feel like you've got a big aero rim underneath you. Crazy fast and confidence inspiring.

The second big surprise is that they are excellent in a crosswind. The turbulence created by the surface really works. Where I ride is very windy, and I've been watching people get blown around on much shallower rims. I 100% unreservedly recommend these wheels.

Take a look at Thom's bike painting:
Asteroid Colour

Hanyu Tan

The QuantumMech is one of the lightest wheels I ever had. Not only is it lightweight, but at the same time very responsive. With its lightweight construction and smooth bearings, it provides you with an enjoyable and fast cycling experience. I believe this is the lightest and most responsive option for an aero depth wheel.

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